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If you are told by just anyone you can tell it is a fabricated story, but the fact is that there are people there on the islands of Papua New Guinea which are surrounded by the sea called the Bismarck Sea eating their fellow human beings.

The country, with a population of about 7.3 million, has many ethnic groups. Then again some have horrible and horrible traditions and they violate human rights to a great extent. In the jungles where the people live, it is common for a person to be ‘seen’ by traditional elders as a witch, tortured by burning with sharp weapons but worse still cut off and then buried in a pit.
There are many ethnic groups on the islands that are located in the far east, near Indonesia and Australia. Some tribes are living a miserable and life-long life. There is a tribe where if a woman loses her husband, she loses one finger if she loses a child, she loses another finger, so even if you lose five children, then five fingers will be cut off.

They themselves say that this is a way to mourn the loss of a loved one, a child, or a husband. It is not clear why those who cut off their fingers are only women because even the pictures on the networks, most of those who lost their fingers are seen as women, again the elderly or the elderly!

The tribes that carry out such acts are said to be Dani and Kuru, some of which are also found in Indonesia. It is said that when a person dies, the mother is called and put in a special room and asked what she wants to have her finger amputated.

As a result, the finger is cut without a needle in a single blow with a sharp sword and sprayed with herbal medicine and then the amputated mother comes out crying and then some mourners cry loudly. traditional while singing the songs of their tribes.

Once the exercise is followed by the finger being burned to ashes then its ashes are placed in a special container and then followed by the exercise of the ashes being applied to the faces of all the mourners who are in the tragedy.

These people usually do not wear clothes and instead use tree bark and men cover their secret part with some kind of pumpkin. There are pumpkins with a ‘hand’, then they use those hands to insert it into the secret part and close it in a traditional way, but other parts of our area are left open and pass even in front of their children without feeling embarrassed!

In the case of women, they cover their sensitivities with tree bark and their breasts are left exposed to cover anything!

Their Kuru tribe if the deceased was a leader, then his brain is extracted and eaten by men.


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