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17 Kenyan Podcasts That You Should Start Listening

Finding a favorite new podcast to follow is a process of trial and error. It is one of the biggest hurdles. In some ways, it can feel a bit like Internet dating.

There’s that initial sense of excitement and possibility you get when you scroll through a site like Spotify and spot a clever title, cover art or description that strikes your fancy.

So you decide to give it a shot and sample a few episodes in the hopes of finding a show that speaks to you on a personal level.

On rare occasions, the connection is an instantaneous case of “love at first listen.”

But more often than not, the relationship proves to be a relatively short-lived encounter that leaves you wanting just a little bit more.

The good news is that with countless podcasts currently available, and an untold number of new ones being released daily, there are a ton of amazing shows out there just waiting for you to find them.

There’s plenty of fish in the proverbial podcast sea.

To help you make a podcast love connection, following order of votes for a poll that we took to Twitter, Citizen Digital rounded out 16 brilliant Kenyan podcasts.

Here goes.

Special 4 u TV
Kenyan Plug
Paukwa Stories
Nipe Story
The Cyco Podcast
The Sandwich Podcast
The Mics Are Open
Kenyan Wallstreet
TMI Podcast KE
Ted Talks
The Q!NGShip Podcast
It’s Related, I promise
Omenerds Podcast
Pros & Possibilities

Legally Clueless
Kenyan Stories by Daniel Duwa

Legally Clueless, holds at number one as Kenyans favorite podcast. This is a weekly podcast by Kenyan media personality & social activist: Adelle Onyango.

With over 6.9K subscribers on YouTube, she documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman and the podcast is also a space where people get to know just how okay it is to not know or not have it all figured out.

This is done through story-telling on Legally Clueless, different Africans share stories from their lives; stories that teach, make us cry, make us laugh – real, authentic African stories.

Other top podcasts ranked top in the twitter poll include: Kenyan Plug, Paukwa Stories, Nipe story, The Sandwich Podcast, The Cyco Podcast and The Mics Are Open


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