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Elon Musk Says His Deal To Buy Twitter Is On Hold

Elon Musk said he is putting his bid to acquire Twitter on hold, weeks after agreeing to take the company private in a $44...

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They Got Married On Their Flight Instead

A Couple Couldn't Make It In Time To A Vegas Wedding Chapel. One couple has taken their love to new heights, quite literally. To about...

The Fossils Of Giant, Extinct ‘Fih Lizards’ Have Been Found In An Unlikely Place

The fossils -- found in the high altitudes of the Swiss Alps -- belong to three ichthyosaurs, and they may have been some of...

Elon Musk: 5 Facts About Twitter’s New Owner

As the shock of Elon Musk’s 44 billion dollar purchase of @twitter settles in, here are five things you should know about the South-African-born entrepreneur. ...

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Balenciaga Is Selling Destroyed Sneakers for $1,850

First thing's first, no, the image you see at the top of this page is not what Balenciaga's new Paris sneaker actually looks like. Rather,...