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Advises Kamene Goro ‘Don’t Assume All Relationships Break Because Of Cheating’

Kamene Goro has advised Kenyans to stop assuming that all relationships break because one of the partners cheated.

The outspoken radio host said that people should accept that relationships break for different reasons which don’t have to do with infidelity.

Speaking during the Morning Kiss, she said

“Yes, you did not cheat but you did other things I was not OK with.

Let’s stop making cheating the paramount reason for a breakup or the determiner of you wanting to be with someone or not.

Cheating is not the only thing wrong someone can do in a relationship.

Life is hard and the person you are with cannot make your life harder than it is. if they do let them go.”

Jalang’o supported Kamene saying that sometimes one might even be left for being a pessimist, or for having bad grooming skills.

“People have been left and they did not cheat.

If we are dating and you are loyal and good but you are always negative about everything haiwezi work.

There is so much that can make one be left, you did not cheat but were you even bathing?

Was your girlfriend comfortable being around you? Personal grooming is important.

You might not cheat but you have no etiquette. Ukilewa all body parts ziko nje.”

What other factors do you think would break a relationship?


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