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Apple And Spotify Take Down R. Kelly’s New Album I’ Admit It

Kelly released a 13-track album on Apple Music and Spotify today

He is serving 30 years in jail for sex trafficking and racketeering crimes

Kelly’s album includes three versions of the track ‘I Admit It

He boasted about having sex with women but said the allegations against him were ‘silly’

Apple Music and Spotify removed the album after a few hours

Kelly is said to have sexually abused multiple women aged as young as 13, famously marrying tragic rapper Aaliyah when she was that age

Spotify and Apple Music have removed R. Kelly’s prison album, I Admit It, in which he raps about the sex crimes that put him behind bars.

The 55-year-old somehow managed to release the 13-track album on both platforms on Friday.  His record label claims it wasn’t them who put it out.

The album was available for a few hours before the streaming giants removed it.


I admit that I made mistakes.

And I have some imperfect ways.

I admit I have so many people.

And them same damn people turned fake.

I admit that it’s so hard to focus

I admit that I didn’t go to classes

I admit that I dropped out of school

I admit that I wasn’t that cool

I admit I just feel like retiring

I admit I don’t feel like trying

But all my real n****rs around me

keep telling me: Kelz,f*** that you gotta keep climbing

I done f*** with a couple of fans

I admit I’m a gift and a curse

I admit that i don’t go to church

I admit it I did it.

I admit it I did. I admit it I did it.

I admit that I can’t spell for s**t.

‘I admit I couldn’t read the teleprompter when the Grammy’s asked me to present’

‘I f****d my girlfriend’s best friend. I tapped that in back of my Benz.

I admit I trust people too much

My lawyers told me settle this, even though it’s bullsh*t.

Kelly protect your career

All these people in my ear.


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