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Bishop David Muriti Says Woman Suing Him For Child Support Hid Pregnancy

House of Grace Bishop David Muriithi has said that the woman suing him for child support never disclosed to him at any given time during their relationship that she was pregnant.

Bishop Muriithi said the woman only kept complaining to him that she had fibroids, adding that he is now realizing otherwise & that he learnt she was pregnant long after they had ended their relationship.

“When I called to say hello…in the process, she casually informed me that she was at St. Mary’s Hospital Lang’ata to deliver a child, which shocked me…I could not have been excited about a pregnancy that I did not know about & which was all along hidden from me,” read the affidavit.

The man of the cloth said he had a short-lived relationship with the woman on & off before it ended in 2018.

According to him, they met when the woman was living in her own rented house with a teenage child sired from a different relationship.

He now claims the woman wants to extort & embarrass him, further seeking to squash what he termed as a misconception that he is living a high-end life.

“From the numerous publications & printing about this case, the sole reason was to sensationalize as well as put pressure on me so I could succumb to her extortion scheme…she does not have the welfare of the minor at heart,” he argued.

The Bishop said the demand that he be compelled to take the child to Kiota School is unreasonable as he cannot afford fees at the said institution since he has no regular income & only relies on well-wishers for support of the church as well as his family.

He said that when the child gets to age 4, then he can take up his school fees as shall have been agreed upon between the two parties and their advocates.

“I was not consulted on the choice of Kiota School, neither can I afford the school fees in the said school,” he stated.

The bishop also said that, besides the school fees, he shall only be able to provide Ksh.10,000 per month for the minor’s subsistence.

“I make a commitment herein bearing in mind my limited means and family responsibilities which I am obliged to meet, as well as the fact that the minor’s education will take the largest share of his maintenance,” he said.


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