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Diana Marua has admitted that she was a side chick to not just one man but several of them. She admitted she was forced into these relationships because she didn’t enjoy being broke, having been brought up in a poor family, where hardships taught her to make tough decisions.

In her latest youtube video, Diana opens up shedding tears about the hurtful things she did to her husband Bahati when they started dating.

But her purpose of sharing details of being a side chick was to tell Kenyan girls why they should not settle for taking other women’s men and that no situation is permanent.

This is when I will wed her – Bahati finally reveals intimate wedding details
She said‘my life has not been rosy and I have done some things int he past and I’m going to share it with you guys to inspire someone. I used to date guys for money at some point in my life because I lacked my whole life to some point all I wanted was to live well”

She added that

“I had people who used to give me money, some paid my rent, some shopped, let me tell you in my early 20s money for me was never a problem. I see people comment on social media that I am with Baha because of money, hehe guys I don’t want to brag ata Baha lakini when we used to hang out, I used to drive different cars and one day he asked me where I get all these cars. I used to live the life, I used to wear nice clothes, I used to go shopping and fill my fridge until I could not close it, let me tell you pesa ya haraka let me tell you you don’t think of saving, you don’t think of opening a biashara coz the money is coming, my life was igof buying clothes, shoes, I had everything”

She also went on to add that being the other woman was the worst decision

“Once you are a side chick there are dating roles, you can’t call him past these hours, kuna fathers day, the weekend you can’t call him on his wife’s birthday you can’t call. I had kiwaru, so that was my life but it was a rollercoaster. I was down thinking kwani I’m not pretty enough to get a man for myself, other times I felt good because I was high flying. Me being a side chick I used to ask myself if I get married will I be comfortable would I want my husband to have a side chick? I was very cautious about this”

Her dream though was to be the main chick and she found this in Bahati after some soul searching



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