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Diana recounted how products she bought online messed with her skin to an extent that she had to seek medication

– According to the mother of two, she was desperate to have a smooth face and when the guy approached her, she thought it was a good idea

– After using the products for three weeks, things changed and she started being itchy and her skin was reddening and with no time, she started swelling – Out of her experience, the lass advised people to concentrate on getting original products saying there are too many counterfeits out here

Singer Kelvin Bahati’s wife has for the first time opened up on how she was once affected by some products she bought online.

The mother of two shared throwback photos of her swollen facing and cautioned women to be keen on what they use especially for the safety of their skins.

Explaining the transformation on her YouTube channel, Marua said she head breakouts after welcoming her second child and really wanted to clear them. According to her, she really felt insecure and would always ask her friends about what she could to make her face smooth. “I was desperate asking my friends on what I should use to clear the pimples because I was not pregnant anymore. Bottom line I was just desperate things were not working out and I was feeling insecure,” she narrated.

Diana Marua opens up on how beauty products she bought online affected her. Photo: Diana Marua. Source: UGC The singer’s wife said recounted someone inboxing her that they had seen her face and “I remember someone online inboxing me “hey Dee I have seen your face has really broken and there is something I can recommend for you.

I guarantee you give it a week and the breakouts will have cleared.” And guys I was desperate and I remember inboxing him immediately,” said Marua.

Marua said that she ordered the products from the guy and after using them for a while, she could see the change but one-day things started getting worse. She said that she would itch a lot and with no time she started swelling. Following the reaction, she decided to visit a doctor who gave her medication. “It was a soap and a cream. That is what I was using. I used it for three weeks and within a week there were no more breakouts. My skin started reacting and you could see all the reddening on my skin… I later started being itchy all over and also one day my face started swelling,” added Marua.


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