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Estate Agent On £120k-A-Year Who Was Not Allowed To Work A Four-Day Week Wins £184,000 Sex Discrimination Payout.

An estate agent (top) has been awarded more than £180,000 after her boss refused to let her leave early to pick her daughter up from nursery.

Sales manager Alice Thompson wanted to work for four days a week and finish at 5 pm rather than six o’clock when her childcare finished.

But company director Paul Sellar rejected her request claiming the business couldn’t afford for her to go part-time and she resigned.

Mrs. Thompson took London-based agency Manors (right) to an employment tribunal claiming sex discrimination in a bid to ensure her daughter does not have ‘the same experience’ when she is older.

Now she has been awarded £184,961.32 as compensation after a panel found that making her work until 6 pm – when nurseries ordinarily close – placed her at a ‘disadvantage’.

The hearing was told Mrs. Thompson began working for Manors, a small firm based in Marylebone, which mainly sold to customers overseas, in October 2016 initially earning £120,000 a year.


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