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Mulim Scholar Abdiwahab Sheikh Agdisamad, Businessman Abdulhakim Sagar Released By Abductors

Muslim scholar Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad, who was abducted on September 8 in Nairobi, and Mombasa businessman Abdulhakim Sagar, who was kidnapped over a month ago in Old Town, are safe and back to their homes after they were released by their abductors.

The two, who returned to their respective homes on Sunday night, are yet to share details of where they had been taken for days as their families sought answers from security agencies who are accused of being involved in their disappearance.

Abdulhakim Sagar, 40, who was abducted on 18 August in broad light in Mombasa, was abandoned in a deserted area in Voi at around 2am Sunday night. His abductors gave him Ksh.2,000 for transport home.

Faris Sagar, Abdulhakim’s brother, said: “Tunashukuru ndugu yetu ameachiliwa, lakini pia tunataka kuzuia hili jambo lisitokee tena kwa mtu yeyote maanake ni torture kwa family na kwa yeye mwenyewe.”

Sources intimated to Citizen TV that Sagar, who is too weak, is currently seeking medical attention.

While welcoming his safe return, leaders from Mombasa County condemned the manner in which the businessman was handled and called on security officials to come clean on the matter.

“Tungetaka kuuliza kwa nini walimshika na kwa nini walivunja sheria ya kutompeleka mahakamani. Tulipoonana na Bwana Elungata alituambia kinaga ubaga kwamba polisi ndio waliomshika na watamfungulia mashtaka saa nane ya hiyo tarehe 23, kwa hivyo bado masuali yetu hayajajibiwa,” said Mombasa Senator Mohamed Faki.

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Nassir, on his part, said: “When you’re oppressed, despite the fact that you might not believe in anything else, but you need to speak against the person who is doing the oppressing, and you need to be there for the person being oppressed.”

Elsewhere, Muslim scholar Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad also reunited with his family after being held captive for more than 10 days.

Abdiwahad was abducted by four armed men in a double cabin pick up along Tubman Road, sparking uproar from Muslim & political leaders.

Efforts to get a response from Coast Regional Commissioner John Elungata & Nairobi Police Commander Augustine Nthumbi over the kidnapping & release of the two were futile.


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