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Reception Of President Samia Tanzania From The United States

President Samia returned to Tanzania today from New York USA where he attended the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations where he also had the opportunity to address the gathering.

After the reception today at Airport Dar es salaam President Samia has addressed where among others he said  “Thank God for sending us safely and we are back safely, thank you RC of DSM and your committee for this surprise, I was told Women will come to receive me but I did not know I will find such a large crowd, I thank Tanzanians and Political Parties who have come to receive me ”

“We have shared the Summit with our colleagues and the World greets you, our standing as Tanzanians and speaking reassured the International World that Tanzania is strong and we will continue to cooperate with the World”

“During the Summit I met with various people. I met with the President of the World Bank, the President of the Council of the European Union, the American businessmen who invested in Tanzania and want to come and do business and I met with my fellow Presidents of various countries around the world.”

“In Tanzania we had the opportunity to speak to the world and what I said you heard, speaking is one thing and the second is the implementation of what I said, I ask Tanzanians to unite to implement what I said at the 76th Session of the UN General Assembly”

I ask Tanzanians together to build Tanzania with bricks and strong moths so that we can better support our Nation, the journey was long and we are a little tired for today to stay here but to continue to encourage love among us Tanzanians ”

“We have gone on a journey that for six years we have been represented at the Ministry and Embassy level but we did not go as Head of State but this time we have been able, we have gone, we have shared with our colleagues and the World greets you.”


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