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Singer Akothee also known as the self-proclaimed President of single mothers is loved and hated in equal measures, for living unapologetically.

To some people, she is disrespectful but to some, she is the type of parent they wish they could be, but have no guts to.

Here is why Akothee should be every parent’s role model.

She is open with her kids
They can talk about anything and everything. When was the last time you talked to your child about what is affecting them in life?

Having been a mother early, not talking to her kids is something Akothee cannot risk doing.

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She supports her kids’ dreams and ambitions
Unlike most parents who like dictating what their kids will do Akothee loves supporting them in what they want to do.

Her first two daughters are in their twenties and one is already a director at Akothee Safaris, a tour and travel company owned by the mother of five.

Apart from being a student, Rue Baby is also a model and a finalist in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Her mother never tires in campaigning for her and this shows she appreciates what they do.

When was the last time you told your son/ daughter about how proud you are of them?

Akothee is very REAL
Unlike most parents, Akothee lives what she preaches.

If she is angry at her kids, friends or anyone else she will call them out. She has completely erased the notion that as a parent you have to be PERFECT.

Despite having dropped out of school early to become a mother Akothee has never hidden the identity of her baby daddies to her kids.

Some mothers/ fathers die with such secrets and their kids end up suffering.

She gives a helping hand
Time and time again we have seen her help the poor and the vulnerable people in society.

For most parents, as long as their kids are fed and schooled whatever happens to their neighbor is none of their business.

Parents and Kenyans, in general, can borrow a leaf from Madam boss.

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She has proven that your past cannot determine your future
Having worked as a taxi driver before, having been thrown out by her mzungu baby daddy while pregnant, having become a mother while in secondary school, she has seen it all.

She, however, took the lemons life threw at her and made lemonade, today she lives a good life.

She jet sets to wherever she likes. Akothee has come from nothing to something.

Just because she dances around in bikinis does not mean she is a bad mother.

We mwenye unavaa nguo 24/7 maisha imekufikisha wapi?


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