Tanzanian singer Rayvanny is dating one Paula Kajalla. A 19-year-old that shot to fame thanks to her celebrity parents actress Frida Kajalla and music producer PFunk Majani.

While speaking to her fans on Instagram, Paula revealed that she and Rayvanny who have only been dating for months are set to get married.

Rayvanny added ‘I can’t wait to get married.’

Speaking to journalists while at a show in Morogoro, the WCB singer said that he just felt posting about marriage, insinuating that it wasn’t anything serious.

“Sometimes, people just post. When it is the right time, people will get to see. “

Adding ‘It was just my vibe at the time.’

When pushed about the marriage, he admitted that indeed he is thinking about it.

“I live my reality. What you see is what you get…I post things that concern me.”

“I’m getting married soon. I’m about to get married.” He concluded.

Rayvanny left fans confused with his mixed answers to whether he is getting married to his new lover or not.

He recently broke up with his baby mama Fahima who has been taking to social media to show that she wasn’t pleased with how their relationship ended.

Fahima accused the singer of ruining their family as they are blessed with a son