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Zuchu Confirmed Rumours Of Dating Her Boss, Diamond Platnumz

WCB Wasafi signee Zuhura Othman Sound, better known by her stage name Zuchu, has denied reports of being in a romantic relationship with her boss Diamond Platnumz.

In an interview on Wasafi FM, the Sukari hit-maker sought to clarify that she has never dated Diamond and he will always remain to be her boss.

“Diamond ni boss wangu sio mpenzi. Siku zote Diamond ni boss wangu na atabaki kuwa boss wangu

“(Diamond is just my boss, not my boyfriend. He has always been that professional and we will keep it that way),” Zuchu said.

“So, I told my baby that I want a big teddy bear and he got me the biggest of them all. This is crazy cute and I love it!

“Coz big girls like to play with the big toys. Afu baby wangu kasema teddy wangu msimfananishe na tudoli tudogo hapendzii. Kasema uyu sio normal teddy uyu ni teddy Biggy afu white (My baby says that no one should compare the teddy he got me to small dolls, he doesn’t like that. He has said this is not a normal teddy, this is Biggy and he’s white in color),” wrote Zuchu.

Valentine’s Day

Asked about the upcoming Valentine’s Day celebrations on February 14, the singer explained that she is scheduled for a show on that particular day and not a wedding as some had speculated.

“Kuhusu Tarehe 14/2/2022! Kutakua na show yangu kubwaaa sana siku ya valentine day na ndio maana watu wengi wemenipost kunitakia kila la kheri akiwemo mama yangu mzazi ila kutakuwa na surpsrise.

“(Regarding February 14, I’ll be hosting a huge Valentine’s Day show and that’s why so many people, including my own mother, have been posting good wishes for me with that date. I’m planning a surprise,” Zuchu teased.

The award-winning singer also made it clear that she doesn’t have bad blood with Wasafi TV presenter Aaliyah, who was also rumored to be dating Diamond.

“Sina tatizo kabisa na Aaliyah na sijui ni kwanini wanatuhusisha kuwa na ugomvi. Kiukweli mimi Aaliyah hajawahi kunikosea chochote, hana ubaya wowote

“(I don’t know why people keep pitting me against Aaliyah. I have never had differences with her and I don’t believe she has any ill-motive against me),” she noted.

A number of gossip tabloids in Tanzania shared videos and photos captured from the dinner date, with reports that the two could be in love.

On the other hand, Chibu Dangote put up a number of Insta-stories listening to All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey and Ed Sheeran’s Perfect while on the dinner date.

Zuchu only shared short videos and photos showing her donning a cute red dress during the date, minus Platnumz in the frame.


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