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On Friday, August 6, Ezekiel Mutua, more popular on Twitter as Kenya’s ‘moral policeman’ Tweeted “‘Please ignore the malicious rumours of my sacking, “I am not aware of such developments & there can be no grain of truth in them,”.

Hours later, an official communication revealed that Mr Mutua had been fired & replaced by Christopher Wambua from the Communications Authority of Kenya, who will serve as interim CEO.

Long before his dismissal was made official, Mr Mutua was trending online, with some of his critics celebrating on Twitter.

Mutua’s tenure at the KFCB was, to say the least, tumultuous; he was frequently chastised for his moral high-handedness, but he wore the moral cop’ medal with grace and panache, telling the BBC in an interview that Kenya needed more people like him.

His list of squabbles with Kenyan content creators, who frequently complained about board censorship, is endless.

Mr Mutua never shied away from his next Twitter beef, whether it was with rapper Khaligraph Jones or comedian Eric Omondi.

Artists on the come-up, such as Alvindo were not spared either. Mr Mutua urging production of ‘morally upright local content’

Mr Mutua, a devout Christian, has been accused of making decisions based on his religious beliefs, such as his stance on the LGBTQI community.

“I don’t practise my faith under the carpet, I do it openly, and it informs my decisions to a large extent.” He told the BBC.

Mutua banned Disney Channel’s Andi Mack, an American comedy-drama television series, in 2017, claiming that the show had introduced a gay angle for the second instalment.

“When it comes to protecting children from exposure to bad content we are resolute and unapologetic. Gay content will not air in Kenya, period,” posted Mr Mutua.

Mr Mutua bared his claws over the years, raking controversy and outlawing anything and everything that he did not agree with.

In 2020, he banned the popular Kenyan banger “Wamlambez,” claiming that the song’s lyrics, which are laden with oral sex connotations, are evidence of Kenya’s entertainment moral decay.

He would later ban Diamond’s “Kwangwaru” and several other songs, infuriating music fans, particularly in Kenya.


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