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Mudavadi Warns Against Hate Mongering Ahead Of 2022 Election

Amani National Congress (ANC) party leader Musalia Mudavadi continued his onslaught of the Mt. Kenya region, warning of hate mongering saying worrying political drums are beating louder and should be checked before it becomes catastrophic.

The ANC party leader urged Kenyans to elect leaders of integrity that will serve the nation and not egocentric power hungry leaders who are keen to capture power for selfish interests.

Mudavadi, who was in Meru County for the second day running on Sunday, is keen to make a footprint in the Mt. Kenya region as he pushes his presidential candidature over the limit.

He was at the Chabuene Methodist Church in Imenti North Constituency where he criticised what he described as heightening political tensions in the country.

“Tumeanza kuona kile tunaita intolerance…watu kuanza kutupiana maneno mabaya mabaya, na tusipochunga tutafika wakati tena watu wachapane, na hatutaki jambo hilo,” he said.

Mudavadi called for the calming of nerves and checking of the rising political temperatures in the country.

The runaway tensions, he warned, would be detrimental on the voter turn out come election day.

“Tuwe na utulivu wakati huu wa watu kuanza kujipanga kupiga kura mwaka ujao, kwa sababu tukiwa na hali ya taharuki, watu hawatapiga kura vizuri,” he added.

Mudavadi laid out his economic blueprint for the agricultural rich Meru region to endear himself to the hearts and minds of the residents.

“Nataka tu Kenya iwe na uchumi bora…uchumi yetu uimarike…tuzingatie sheria ndio vijana wapate pesa mfukoni,” he stated.

The ANC leader has intensified his campaigns in the Mt. Kenya region where he has indicated that he is likely to pick his running mate for the 2022 presidential elections.


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