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Nyeri: 13 Years Old Girl Who Has Been Missing For Three Weeks Found Murdered

A family in Mutonga village in Mukurwe-ini, Nyeri County, is coming to terms with the brutal murder of a 13-year-old Form One student who had gone missing for three weeks.

The body of Margaret Waithira was found in a gunny bag that had been dumped in a river about a kilometre from her home, the family now calling for justice as police commence investigations.

Jane Njeri is at pains, struggling to come to terms with the loss of her daughter, a student at Ngwamwa Secondary School.

But it is a pain she has borne for close to a month, since Margaret Waithira disappeared and efforts to trace her proved futile.

“Tumekuwa tu tukimtafuta kwa marafiki, kwa majirani, kila mahali, lakini hatukufanikiwa kumpata,” said Maina Kigio, the girl’s uncle.

Three weeks later, on Monday evening, in a river, at a spot barely a kilometer from the girl’s home, a gunny bag was discovered, and when police got there, the contents of the bag turned out to be what the family dreaded; the remains of Waithira.

“Saa ile hiyo mwili ilitolewa ililetwa hapa, na gunia ikakatwa na panga. Na walipotoa hiyo mwili ilikuwa ya msichana mdogo, nilipotazama hiyo mwili nikaona kiasi ya asilimia tisini ni ya Margaret Waithira Mbaire, ambaye ni mtoto wa ndugu yangu mdogo,” said Kigio.

The family wants speedy justice for their kin, with area MCA Mary Wamuyu joining the call while lamenting that this is not an isolated case as a month ago, a similar incident was witnessed.

“Kama familia, ombi ni moja tu; haki itendeke kwa huyu mtoto, na ninataka kusema kama watoto wa watu wakubwa ama watu wakubwa, kesi zao zinafuatwa mpaka mwisho na ukweli unajulikana, ata hii ya mkulima mdogo kama sisi tunaomba ifuatiliwe kwa sababu moyo ni ule ule tu, wa tajiri na maskini ni moyo mmoja, yote imepeanwa na Mungu,” added Kigio.

MCA Mary Wamuyu, on her part, said: “This indicates that there is no enough security in Gikondi, I am asking now the national government to put in place security.”

Area sub-county Police Commander Mwakiria Jesse said they have crucial leads and are confident that the culprits will be brought to book…

“The police visited the scene and took the necessary action, investigations have commenced,” said Mwakiria.

Speedy justice for one of them, is the only thing the family says can wipe their tears and reduce the amount of pain they have been feeling for the past one month.


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