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Popular Maize Meal Brands Among 12 Blacklisted By Kebs

The Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has put out a list of maize meal and composite flour brands that have not complied with the requirements and therefore should not be sold to the public until further notice and the necessary corrective actions have been undertaken by the concerned parties.

Some of the well-known brands that have been blacklisted by the standards body include Pembe Flour Mills Ltd, manufacturers of the Pembe brand, Ugali Bora by Nakuru Grain Mills Ltd, and Tupike by Osho Grain Millers Ltd.

Others are; Budget, Equatorial Ugali Afya, Facial, Family, Riri, Sima Tamu, Unga Sawa, Uwezo, and Ziwa.

“Consequently, the manufacturers in the list are instructed to cease forthwith manufacturing or offering for sale the affected maize meal and composite flour brands; and are instructed to recall all the substandard composite flour products from the market and institute effective corrective actions whose effectiveness shall be confirmed by KEBS before the resumption of production and placement of the brands in the market,” reads the statement.

The blacklisted porridge brands include; Soko Wimbi Mix, Wimbi Safi Marss, Rimwambi Soya Porridge, Famila Natures Food The Original Ujimix (sour porridge), Winnies Pure Health-Ugali Afya, Greenhouse Pride Polished Wimbi with Milk Powder, Golden Porridge Flour Sour Uji Mix, Najah Nutrition Food Family Porridge and Natasha Porridge.

Others are; Excellent Nutritious Porridge, Split Peas Flour Unga Wa Bhajia, Generation Wimbi Porridge Flour, Rest Food Products Afya Bora Kinara Porridge, Narisha Plus and Rimwambi Soya Porridge Mix.

KEBS says it will continue to undertake market surveillance and factory inspections to ensure consumer safety and a level trade playing field. Substandard products found will be seized for destruction at the expense of the owner in addition to any other legal action as provided under the law.


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