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Six Types Of Food That Are Mixed Together Become Toxic

Every human being has what God has given him. Every day one decides to eat may be toxic to another.

The food a person eats goes hand in hand with the state of health. Some people suffer from loss of life and this only after they choose to mix food.

One person can eat the same and easily, but for another it turned out to be poisonous.

This condition is further exacerbated by subsequent consequences when you fail to put in the right and healthier combinations.

Each type of food has its advantages, but when mixed it can cause problems for a person.

For people who want to combine nutrition to reduce obesity and its stimuli it is advisable to consult a specialist on how to plan a healthy diet.

Nigerian nutritionist Habiba Haruna has told the BBC about six types of food that can be toxic to anyone.

Fish and Milk

Fish and Dairy are foods that are rich in nutrients and mixing them in one place may not be able to make the right nutrients and this can lead to problems later.

The human body does not need a variety of foods that contain the same chemicals. It can cause toxins that can lead to vomiting and even diarrhea.

Lemon Water and Milk

Milk and lemon cannot stay in one place as if they are mixed they must be broken down.

If a person mixes milk with lemon juice it can form toxins, which can also cause heart problems.

Peanuts and Olive Oil

Peanuts are very important in the human body and are used in many places.

Peanuts also have high levels of protein and carbohydrates, as well as Peanuts are one of the most important nutrients in the diet, especially for those who want to lose weight.

For olive oil it is also very helpful especially in matters of treatment for some diseases, but the combination of these oils and nuts is a problem but it is recommended to use when one is missing but not together.

Medication with lemon syrup

Taking medication and mixing it with something containing gas has serious side effects, experts say that taking drugs with soda such as fanta or Coca-Cola can cause death just because of a large increase in gas.

He added that lemons or any other alcoholic beverage should not be mixed with drugs.

Raw meat and eggs

Mixing uncooked meat with raw eggs can cause problems in the human body.

It can be toxic to some, some can cause vomiting and diarrhea because it should not be used that way.

Raw meat can cause side effects if its processing is not followed to reduce the amount of nutrients it contains.

Experts say that raw eggs do not have the nutrients in the human body, but they should not be eaten until they are boiled or fried to build up the body.

“Raw eggs are unbelievable,” says Nigerian food expert Habiba Haruna.

Experts advise people to eat what they know will be beneficial and will not cause them any problems.

Trying something new may be beneficial for some but it may also be harmful.

There are many types of foods that, if mixed, can cause side effects.

One has to be careful in the choice of foods it is best to keep the nutrients in the right place and avoid mixing them.


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