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“The Accident”: Unknown Phenomenon Discovered In Our Galaxy That Astonishes Astronauts And Astronomers

It is not a star or a planet at all, but there is something in the middle, and it may be more than what was originally thought to exist in our galaxy.

This is confirmed by a new study published by the scientific journal Astrophysical Journal, which focuses on brown gnomes named “The Accident” because they were discovered by chance.

These so-called brown lizards are very small objects to be stars and are too big to be considered as a planet.

They are sometimes called “failed stars.”

“This thing is considered to have exceeded all of our expectations,” says Davy Kirkpatrick, co-author of the study and star specialist at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).

The study notes that the giraffe known as ‘The Accident’ may be between 10 billion and 13 billion years old, making it twice as old as the ancient brown gnomes that were previously discovered.

This indicates that they were formed when our galaxy was much smaller and had a different chemical structure.

“If that is the case, there is a strong possibility that the old brown lizards are hiding in the galaxy,” adds Kirkpatrick.

Something different from the brown gnome

A celestial object named ‘The Accident’, known as WISEA J153429.75-104303.3 was discovered by scientist Dan Caselden by chance, because it does not appear to be the only gnome found on the galaxy so far, according to a NASA report.

As this brown substance continues to age, it cools and its brightness changes at different wavelengths, similar to how hot metals change color as it cools.

The phenomenon astonished scientists because its brightness is not as common as in other older brown objects.

It also sometimes has weak light at the height of key waves, indicating that it is very cold, but at the same time it reflects light elsewhere, indicating that the areas are warmer.

It is not surprising that such a short, old and brown thing is amazing to find one behind our house, “says Federico Marocco, Davy Kirkpatrick’s colleague at Caltech and co-author of the study.

“We expected things like this again to exist, and we also hoped they would be very rare,” continues the philosopher, who has been overseeing the study using Keck and Hubble telescopes.

Using ground telescopes, researchers tried to view ‘The Accident’.

But this brown object looked so weak that it could not be detected, proving that it was very cold and therefore, very old.

Researchers estimate that the speed at which it revolves is another proof that it has absorbed galaxies for a long time, as it has attracted large objects that cause it to accelerate and its gravity.

The object has been detected almost 50 million light-years from Earth. ‘The accident’ also travels at a speed of 800,000 kilometers per hour. This speed is higher than other spiders present at that distance from Earth such as ‘The Accident’.

Studies show that another feature of The Accident is that it contains lower levels of methane, compared to other brown gnomes found, which further confirms the claim that it was created 100 billion years ago when a system of millions of stars mixed with dust is held by the earth’s energy or the galaxy was made of hydrogen and helium, and the lack of carbon needed to make methane.

Credit: BBC


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