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We all love good love stories, but what we love most is seeing a couple presenting news together. Things are changing, huh? Gone are the days when couples were forbidden from working in the same department.A shift has happened, and guess where? The media industry itself. Who thought that a man and his wife could work in the same department, let alone anchor the 7.00 pm news?

Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan have definitely broken that record. Lovely, right? Well, there is just so much we need to know about these two, and we have all the information.The two met at work

While others wait for their prince charming to walk out of the palace and into the woods to find the sleeping beauty, these two knew there was no palace anywhere near them.

Their palace and their woods were their working place. Lulu was working at Radio Salaam, Rashid heard the voice and he could not contain himself. He needed to meet her.And, meet her, he did. This was just shortly after her mother died, and ever since meeting her, he has been her shoulder and her support system.

They got engaged after only two weeks of meeting each other

Come to think of it, how do some people date for years and then still end up marrying someone else? Well, our dear power couple was wise enough to see beyond the shenanigans and as soon as they set eyes on each other, they knew they were two peas of the same pod.

They took the risk to be engaged after two weeks of meeting each other, and, as far as we can tell, no regrets.Lulu Hassan husband, Rashid, had no money for their dowry

Go for dowry negotiations today and you will be asked for almost half a million shillings, plus animals and gifts for the whole clan. It wasn’t so for Rashid Abdallah.

Now, it is another thing to engage a lady after only two weeks of the meeting and it is another thing to engage her without any dowry preparations. Who does that? Rashid Abdallah. He used to earn Ksh, 5,000 per month then, how could he afford half a million?

He only submitted a Quran and a prayer mat for Lulu’s dowry, and the parents accepted. That was a lucky strike. If only people would learn from that.

They have been together for over 11 years

These two have been together for over 11 years now. After engaging after two weeks of meeting, marrying with a dowry of a Quran and a prayer mat, and all that women of today see as a joke, they have held each other’s hand for 11 good years and they are still going strong.

Interestingly enough, they lived together after the engagement, but no, they did not taste the fruit even once until their wedding night in 2013. That was a lot of discipline for sure. It is a beautiful love story, a book they are still writing.

Rashid Abdallah and Lulu Hassan wedding was a big event

When you are as likable as Lulu Hassan, you don’t ever get to have a small wedding or do you. Lulu had a big wedding. Her neighbors, friends, acquaintances and even strangers turned out.

It was almost like the whole neighborhood came to witness that wedding. Since her mother had passed away and could not give her away as is customary, her friends stepped in and took on the task. If you see Lulu Hassan’s wedding photos, she was happy, so happy to have made it happen.


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