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BBC journalist Ferdinand Omondi is the latest personality to react to Ginimbi’s death.

Genius Kadungure, whose real name is Genius Kandugure died in a tragic accident on Sunday morning after his Rolls Royce Wraith collided with Honda Fit a before hitting a tree and bursting into flames.

Ginimbi was in the company of a Malawian controversial businessman Limumba Karim, influencer and fitness trainer Michelle Amuli aka Mimi Moana and traveller Alichia Adams.

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Ginimbi’s source of wealth has always been a topic of discussion among social media but he maintained that he was a self-made millionaire with interests in gas and oil.

Reacting to Ginimbi’s wealth, Omondi advised the youth to stop admiring people’s lifestyles on social media and work hard.

In a lengthy post, Omondi wrote,

I have learnt of a character called Ginimbi – after he crashed in a road accident and died. Apparently, he was huge (on Instagram). If you are clueless like me, Ginimbi (real name genius Kadungure) was a dollar millionaire flamboyant businessman from zimbabwe. Officially he had interests in oil and gas. Unofficially, he defrauded Zimbabwe and South African businessmen.  He bought Ferraris and Lambos like you would buy underwear at Waikiki or that tank top at sunbeam. He was besties with Zari Hassan and howdah (how shocking, lol). How he made his money is none of my business.
My business is the debate around how he made his money, his massive following, and how some Kenyan social media people are willing to die for him protecting his lifestyle.
There should be nothing wrong with admiring wealthy people.
Money makes the world go round. Do you know how many ‘broke niggas’ can’t even get a response when they say ‘hae pls’ in the inbox? Do you know how many ‘broke bitches’ are angry at broke niggas, and yet the problem isn’t the broke niggas, but the fact that the bitches to are broke? Sometimes we look at these wealthy people and hope to get there. Without money, this world can be merciless. the problem with current society is we spend most of our social media time admiring, liking, sharing and gossiping about these socialite celebrities, and then wishing we lived like that, without doing something about our own situations,’ he wrote in part.

He continued,

Wouldn’t it be much better if we split that time between longing for the good life and actually working for the good life?
But who am I to tell you how to live your life? You would much rather listen to Ginimbi your role model, so I will leave you with this comment from his pinned tweet.
‘At first, they will ask you how you are doing it. Later they will ask you how you did it’.
Not his original quote. But before he posted photos for you to ogle at, he did something with his time to make money and get to where he was.
Stop drooling and start working.

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