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‘My Wife Left Me For Another Man…’ Comedian Shaniqwa Opens Up

Shaniqwa has revealed that his wife Naomi Jemutai also known as Mkale Msungu left him and is currently taking care of his son.

Actor Kevin Mwangi alias Shaniqwa has revealed that his wife Naomi Jemutai also known as Mkale Msungu left him and is currently taking care of his son.

The firstborn child in his family shared his grace to grass story on Jeff Kuria’s show on YouTube.

Shaniqwa as referred to his fans said problems started after he was fired on KTN last year.

He narrated;

“My problems started from the day I was fired from the show after Covid-19 hit the country. I had settled with a wife and had a son. I have been fired and started focusing on my YouTube channel. Maintaining the character was tough. I used to tell myself I resigned but I was fired.”

Shaniqwa shared his transition saying that for close to a year, he was jobless. “I was auctioned all my households by house agents.

They took my fridge and blender and my TV. I decided to take my family in shagz. I used to operate from home and Nairobi.”

Shaniqwa said he would get adverts and support his family although not fully.

“A friend called me and told me he would host my family. I did not want to tell my friends and so, I could not even post anything on social media since I was so stressed. I had a friend who had an electronic shop. I organised my wife a job and she started working.”

Shaniqwa narrated how he fulizad for her sh 5000, to use for transport and lunch.

“After a few months, they rented a house and bought a few things.

He said since he was a bit free, he would be left with his son, cook and wash him.

“But, when her job started picking, life became even worse. My wife started cheating on me. She started dating another guy and would leave me with the baby.

One day, during our son’s birthday, she wanted to go out with the guy and not attend the birthday. I decided to leave for two days and after I came back, she told me to go back where I was. People started sending me photos on Instagram asking me kwani I had left her,” he narrated.

Further adding that the girlfriend of the guy also started calling him.

“She had blocked me so I could not see. Photos of her kissing in the public were sent to me. It was serious since I was going through financial problems and so on. One day while asleep, I woke up and found her seated and speaking on phone.

I was angry, I took her phone, we did not have food but on her phone, she had 8k, she said it was her money.”

The two had a physical altercation and she packed her clothes and took the baby and went to stay with the guy in Ruiru.

“I came back and found the keys. I started my life alone, so stressed and hurting and pain was eating me from outside. I told my parents and her family. She got to a point she blocked everyone including her family members.

She would be seen in clubs with my son.”

Shaniqwa said his friends held my hand after he started drinking and one day he fainted in the house as he had not eaten for three days.

“One day I woke up and sent a message to Jalang’o in the morning. After his breakfast show, he called me and asked me,’ My bro are you okay? I gave him my story, I had not paid my rent for seven months.

Jalang’o asked me what I wanted him to help me, I asked him to pay my rent. He asked me for the landlord’s number. He cleared the rent and paid two more months. I started looking for Desagu and shoot with him. I started feeling the love from my fans. I started putting content on YouTube.”

Shaniqwa said that when things had started working out, his baby Mama called and asked to come back only for her to leave again after two days.

“She called saying she had been chased away. She started crying and I welcomed her home but after two days, things did not work. She said I was discussing her. I owed my friends an explanation that I had decided to take her back. She woke up and said she doesn’t want to stay.”

She left and as usual, Shaniqwa said while at his friends’ house, she called again.

“She said she wanted to bring the baby so that she could do some stuff. She has never come back. She told me she was in an accident.

She has not come to see the baby for over seven months.

“She has done so much out there and by blocking her means I don’t want to be in her life again.”

Shaniqwa asked his fans to stop tagging him in her posts as he wants to heal slowly.

“I am no longer with her. We broke up and so stop tagging me. I am a single father. My son is sleeping well and we are eating and he is a loved kid. He is a brand.”


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