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Netlix’s Squid Game Finds Its Way To Kenyan Dowry Negotiation

Netflix’s mega hit survival drama show Squid Game has captivated the world like no show before it.

It has also blended perfectly into popular culture with the costumes used by the guards and

the players being some of the most sought after as the world celebrated Halloween.

Now, while Halloween enthusiasts were donning the uniforms, a few Kenyans decided to

take it to the next level by infusing them into their dowry negotiation ceremony.

Popularly known as ruracio, this group decided to dump the usual shukas used to spice up

the event and make picking your wife a bit more complicated.

It all began when wedding emcee Antony Gitau showed up for a ruracio in Gatundu north on Saturday with a handful of masks in his bag.

“I have always wanted to make my events interesting, especially Ruracios, which are traditionally not as fun as weddings,” Gitau told Citizen Digital on Monday.

“So I had these masks and decided to carry them to the event, because I always want to do something extra for the client,”


When all was said and done, it was the groom’s turn to pick his bride from a four women

who were covered from head to toe with wrapper.

We are just happy that the groom was not shot to death incase he picked the wrong girl in

front of her parents and elders

According to the wedding emcee, there was another catch in the order in which the brides maids wore the masks.

One wore a mask with a circle, another with a triangle, one with a square and another with humanoid mask.

“You see, from the show, you could tell the ranks and hierachy of the guards based on the masks they wore,” Gitau added.

“Workers with square shapes oversee the other workers and the players.

The triangle shape masks are traditionally the protectors/enforcers and armed with weapons,”

The guards who wore masks with a circle were of the lowest rank, handling cleaning up and disposing of the dead players.

Meanwhile, in Gatundu North, the bride aptly wore a mask with a triangle on Saturday,

and according to Gitau, it was the indication that she is always present, round the clock.


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